Richard Vesole

About Richard Vesole

Richard Vesole is a man of many talents and accomplishments. He is a law license holder and practices law. He is also an active real estate investor. Richard Vesole has worked hard to develop his real estate career, one property at a time. He is the owner of First Financial Group, L.C., which makes him one of the most well-known rent-to-own homeowners in the Quad City metro area - if not the most prominent. Additionally, Richard Vesole has worked as a regional real estate broker.

L.C. is the founder of First Financial Group, which helps more people in the Quad City Metro Area become homeowners. For over 50 years, First Financial has assisted the neighborhood by offering a way to become a homeowner and realize the American dream. The organization focuses on meeting the requirements of those who might be unable to qualify for a conventional mortgage and works to rehabilitate homes to raise the general appeal and condition of their neighborhood. Additionally, he owns Richard Vesole Insurance, which primarily offers landlords and investors property and casualty insurance.